How to score better in your O’Level exams than you ever have?

It’s time to ace those O’Level Past Papers with these simple tips!

Staying effectively organized and prepared ahead of O’level exams and tests can make all the difference in a student’s academic performance. As O’Level students, we are given a lot of homework and O’level Preparation Resource to study from, but we are never told how to study effectively to save our time and energy and to understand the concepts in a more easy way. 

Poori raat parh ker bhi number na ayein tou faida all-nighter ka? Studying is supposed to be fun and interesting — not a punishment. But in recent times, especially in South Asian households, O’level students have started viewing studying as a punishment and a chore, rather than as an opportunity to learn something new. Every time O’Level students open their Chemistry/ Physics or Biology O’Level Past Papers, they magically start sleeping! But, in order to excel at their O’level preparation, O’level students need to change their outlook towards studying and learn how to study smarter in a shorter amount of time, rather than harder and for longer hours, so they can ace their O’Level exams.

Here are some tips to make your O’Level journey more interesting, enriching, and easy:

Pay attention during classroom lectures!

  1. We all know those students who enjoy sleeping in class more than listening to the teacher. Mei tou ghar jaa kar sab khudi parh leti hun. But in order to save your time, pay attention in class so you have to spend less time at home revising through the long O’Level Biology notes! Make it a habit to listen attentively to your instructors and teachers, and make note of every little topic they discuss, e.g. make your O-Level Physics notes and O-Level Chemistry notes in class while listening to your teacher’s lecture. Attentively listening during class also ensures that you understand your concepts accurately, without there being a need to self-study later, and you can complete your O’Level resource this way.

Journaling and planning ahead will help you!

  1. Carry a planner or a journal with you at all times as it can become your greatest O/A Level resource! The planner can be used to create a schedule for your homework and O’Level Physics/ Biology and Chemistry exam preparation and become an excellent O’Level preparation resource. It can also be used for daily affirmations and daily to-do lists so you can stay motivated, so every time you check off a task, you feel satisfaction and fulfilment! Instead of a planner, you can always use the Notes app on your phone or any other task-management app.

Curiosity may kill the cat, but it will help you!

  1.  Be curious and ask questions! Even if that O’Level Physics-related question you have is silly and simple, ask your teacher and clear your concepts! One of the many signs of intelligence is actually having the ability to raise questions and to be curious. Raising questions will only help you clear your O’Level concepts and help you learn more effectively, so it’s a win-win situation for you! Time to clear all your O’Level Physics, Biology and Chemistry questions. 

Find a study buddy!

  1. Make a joint schedule with a friend and get studying! Having a study buddy will help both of you to understand the O’Level syllabus better as you can help each other learn the O’Level exam resource more effectively. It will also aid you in sticking to your study schedule as both of you can hold each other accountable, and fix a prize or two for completing your goals as well! Try not to get annoyed if your friend asks you seemingly “silly” questions, instead, try to help them as it will only help you strengthen your O’Level concepts. No more excuses, time to get those Chemistry, Biology and Physics O’Level Past Papers out of your cabinets. 

Make a study corner for yourself!

  1. Designate a study area and make it comfortable and appealing so that studying for your O’Level exams can be an interesting activity and something to look forward to, rather than a chore and a punishment. Put up a calendar, sticky notes, and some inspiring quotes and mantras that will motivate you to keep working hard towards all your goals! And don’t forget to put your O’Level Past Papers booklets there as well! For example: in my study area, I have put up pictures of all the places I want to visit, as a way to motivate myself to keep studying and working.

Study smart, not hard!

  1. Rather than rote learning and only reading, and re-reading your notes constantly, try to practice exam-style O’Level Past Paper questions instead. Practice makes perfect and this is true, especially for examinations such as CAIE IGCSE AND GCSE O/A Levels. Open up old O’Level Past Papers, for all your subjects such as Chemistry O’Level Past Papers, Biology O’Level Past Papers, Physics O’Level Past Papers, and so on, and time yourself while solving them! Try to make a manageable goal of doing 2 O’Levels Past Papers every day and gradually increase the number of O’Level Past Papers per day as you near the exam day.

Igniteful: the only O’Level exam prep partner you need

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Level up your O’Level preparation with these tips and with Igniteful!


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