Igniteful is an online learning platform established to assist students in preparing for their exams. We provide high quality notes with MCQ quizzes made from past papers after each topic. Students can also practice yearly MCQ papers under timed conditions to level up their exam-prep.

Igniteful is more than just an EdTech platform as it aims to empower communities; specifically, students and women. We aim to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health and address students’ challenges throughout their academic journey. We understand how difficult exam time is for many out there, hence, we have built a community to connect individuals going through the same journey. Our Facebook group, The Ignited Room, brings together students so they can have an environment of support, empowerment and dedication.

Igniteful is empowering Pakistani females by extending dynamic work opportunities to them, thereby reducing gender disparity and economic inequality.

  • Yearly past papers
    • MCQ Paper for each subject
    • Papers available from year 2010 onwards
    • Practice papers under timed conditions 
    • Well-explained answers available for each question
  • Notes
    • Made according to the CIE syllabus
    • Mind maps and webs included for better retention
    • Diagrams to illustrate concepts
    • Concise notes for effective revision
  • Topic-wise quizzes
    • Available after each topic
    • Made from past MCQ papers
    • Detailed explanation after each question
  • Dashboard
    • Track your progress in real-time
    • Track the time spent on each quiz
    • Keep a record of your score each time

Whether you go to tuition centers or revise at home, a large part of learning is self-study. Our platform supports you in your self-learning and helps you make the most out of your limited time. Igniteful helps you learn the syllabus and practice past papers anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.

One month subscription for a single subject includes full access to:

    • Exclusive notes prepared according to the syllabus
    • Topic-wise quizzes made from past papers
    • Yearly MCQ past papers from May/June 2010-Oct/Nov 2020
    • Dashboard to track your performance

You can access one topic for each subject for free to try out and see how Igniteful works. To take full advantage of the platform, you will have to subscribe to a paid monthly package. 

Joining our community, The Ignited Room, is absolutely free. 

  • Time limits to improve your time-management skills
  • Provides a community of empowered students to support you
  • Promoting holistic development of the youth of Pakistan
  • Women-run

We do not think your circumstances should stop you from learning. Do email us at info@wordpress-445235-3090230.cloudwaysapps.com with some details on your marks and performance and we will try our best to offer you a scholarship on the basis of merit to cover up some or part of your cost of using Igniteful. This is entirely at our discretion.  


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