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On a mission to ignite The full potential of youth across Pakistan

About Our Company

Igniteful is an online exam prep platform that will enable you to achieve the grade that you’ve been longing for! From comprehendible resource material, exam-like testing simulations, and a community that empowers you, Igniteful is determined to lead you towards excellence. 

With a focus on nurturing mental health and a growth mindset, Igniteful provides key tools to ensure the well-being of students. Our community serves a supportive and collaborative purpose, which fosters an environment of continous progresss towards a better self.


Minahil Saqib


University of Oxford

Biochemistry (2019)

“Aiming to nurture a culture that supports our youth both mentally and emotionally”

Qirat Ahsan

Team Lead

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) 
BSc. Management Science (2021)

“We aim to aid individuals to reach their full potential to guarantee their success in all walks of life”

Noor Maroof

Content Writer

National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

BSc. Business Studies (2019)

“Here to assist our youth throughout their academic journey and leave a lasting impact on them”.

Saniya Ahmad Khan

Content Creator

Lahore Grammer School

“Through Igniteful, I’m striving to make our students achieve their full potential with holistic, all rounded development”.

Eman Sajid

Marketing Lead


“I aim to play my part in recognizing and fostering our youth’s strengths; and promoting positive outcomes for them”

Fatima Afiqi

Content Creator


“Through my work, I hope to make learning a fun and wholesome experience for students.”

Swaiba Saeed

Marketing Lead

Lahore University of Management Science (2021)

“My holy grail is to pursue excellence, build up others and ignite impact, here to make it happen!”.

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